Key Duplicates: A Hassle or a Life Saver?

You’re always losing your car keys. You got locked out of your car again yesterday after doing groceries. So you had no choice but to juggle three bags of groceries, while you looked through your messenger bag and coat pockets. You even got down on your knees without caring about getting dirt marks on your […]

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Break Into Your Car If You’re Locked Out.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you’re stranded outside your car, with the keys locked inside in the wee hours of the morning? You’re probably wondering if you should break into your car and have it repaired later, right? But wait, what if you’re considered a thief breaking into your OWN […]

Why Car Key is not working?

A mom from North Texas reported that her daughter was locked inside a car during one of the hottest days this in 2016. The car had a keyless remote as a safety measure—and hence, wasn’t supposed to lock until and unless the button was manually pressed on the key fob.